Jakobssons trådgnistteknik, JTT – found a wire EDM alternative

Wire EDM alternative wanted!


Jakobssons trådgnistteknik, JTT, is a Wire EDM workshop specialised in tool manufacturing. JTT has a history in high tech handcraft and work as a sub-contractor to the swedish industry. Wire EDM technology gives high precision but the process is rather slow and it is limited to electrically conductive material. JTT bought a Finecut WMC500 as this offered an alternative to wire EDM production where high precision could be reached, process time could be reduced and there is no limitation in material that can be processed.


JTT has been able to reach new customers and business areas with the micro abrasive waterjet technology and now they can produce precision details in all materials. Some materials and applications where previously made in the wire EDM and is now produced in the Finecut WMC500 as this cuts up to 5-10 times quicker. In addition the Finecut can pierce and cut from the same fixturing, where the wire EDM required two separate fixturing set-ups; one for piercing and one for cutting.

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