Finecut options

Options for Finecut WMC500II

We constantly develop new options which can be added to Finecut WMC500II. Our aim is to be a good partner for making customized solutions. We strive to make all new developments retrofit able which means that as our customer you can always gain from the latest technology and innovations.


Below follow a selection from our portfolio of options:



Cutting systems:

To offer the best approach for any cutting requirement we offer three different types of cutting systems:


  • FAW 200 and FAW300 are Fine Abrasive Waterjet cutting system with 0.2 and 0.3 mm jet diameters. This is the cutting system for you, who is in need of narrow cutting lines and complex geometries.
  • AWJ Abrasive Waterjet cutting system. For thick materials or when the narrow cut is not required traditional abrasive waterjet cutting can be applied using jets of 0.4 or 0.5 mm. These systems offer higher cutting power and are recommended if you focus on higher cutting efficiency and are in less need of narrow cutting.
  • PWJ Pure waterjet cutting system that use water only for cutting soft materials such as plastics, rubber, food products, etc


Standard AWJ vs FAW200

Standard AWJ vs FAW200


4th axis manipulation

4th axis manipulation



Five axis cutting head

Five axis cutting head


Advanced manipulation options:

For customer solutions we have developed a range of advanced control options that support accessibility in cutting 3D structures, cut 3D parts from flat stock or just to make taper angle compensation. Below are some examples


  • Spindle function:

With the spindle function the fine abrasive waterjet can easily create parts of rotational symmetry (waterjet turning). Typical for the spindle function is high speed rotation and the ability to adopt tool motion and cutting parameters to diameter changes. A typical part could be a rotary bending fatigue test specimen.


  • Rotary axis (4th axis):

The rotary axis can be used for various cutting operations including – cuts that require a rotary motion around an axis synchronized to the X-Y-Z motion to create a desired geometry e.g. such as tube cutting, treads, etc. – cutting parts of rotational symmetry, similar to the use of a spindle function but using cut-out rather than perimeter erosion. – act as a live motion fixtures where a complex geometry is oriented towards the jet in a synchronized motion as to create prerequisites for a continuous cutting access while following a line along a 3D surface of the work.


  • 5-axis motion system:

You can upgrade your motion control with synchronous A and B axis movement which gives a full 5-axis control with tool center point (TCP) functionality. The 5-axis motion system can be used for slanting the cut surface to create 3D geometries, relief angles or just to compensate for cut taper angle. The standard 5-axis option facilitates 3D cutting up to +/- 15 degrees.


The micro abrasive waterjet produces fine surface finish inherent to the fine powder abrasives even when cutting too fast to erode the full width at the bottom of the cut. Instead of reducing cutting speed down to allow for more erosion at the bottom an angular adjustment enables programming up to 40% increased cutting speed, while attaining adequate cutting speed. This is an option can that pay off quickly!


Auxiliary options:

Exterior signal tower gives a light signal that visually indicates the machine status. This duplicated the signals on the operator panel but is visible across the work shop. Suitable if you have few operators to cover a big work area.


High pressure sensor: A high pressure sensor placed in the high pressure line just before entering the machine work space to ensure that you know your actual pressure levels at the nozzle and not at the pump. The sensor reading is integrated in the control system and is presented in the Finesoft HMI. Especially when you have a long distance between pump and machine, or if you have several machines at different distances from the pump this option allows you to optimize your cutting parameters for most efficient and economic operation.


Hybrid machining:

For some machining operations a tool combination will increase the machine productivity and/or quality of the parts. For example some materials are difficult to pierce through with the high pressure waterjet, even if reduced starting pressure is applied. Such materials can be layered materials and composite material that may delaminate. A mechanical drilling tool is a proved solution to avoid this effect.


Drilling unit: The drilling unit is a pneumatic unit mounted at an offset to the side of the cutting head. When activated it moves to a position below the jet nozzle starts the drill and plunges at a controlled feed motion into the material to grant a precision drilling of your workpiece. For workpieces that are mechanically drilled the micro abrasive waterjet will not require risky piercing actions.



Software options (CAD/CAM)

In the analysis of each customer needs, we will make a tailored proposal for the customer what CAD/CAM software options that are recommended for their operation for an efficient and easy operation.


The Finecut machine has a powerful computer onboard and the CAD/CAM software can be applied on the machine as well as in the office.


We work with IGEMS software, which is software especially developed for water cutting. The software is installed in a normal PC and is easy to handle. There are several different software options such as; CAD, CAM, AWJ, DataExchange, Nest Level 1and 2, 5X-CAM etc. The different options will allow you to draw parts, prepare parts for cutting, adjust cutting quality and cutting parameters, calculate time and cost of parts, get proposal for nesting etc.


Drilling unit


Measuring probe

Measuring probe

Part inspection and measurement options:

When a cutting operation is performed as one of a sequence of machining operations, the cut path will need to be positioned within a part geometry. One way to assess the part position may be to measure its location. The Finecut option program includes two different measurement approaches, a tactile probe and a non-contacting video camera measurement.

  • The measuring probe is useful when you need to position more complex parts and besides finding edges also require the ability of 3D measurements. For example the probe can be used to define an inclination angle of a plane.
  • The video measurement system is a straight-forward and simple-to-use measurement tool as you will see the part on the screen and do the measurements by moving the camera cross-hair over the features you measure. However, this system acts only for two-dimensional measurements.

Abrasive feed options:

The abrasive system use a bulk feeder to continuously supply the CNC-controlled precision feeder with abrasive. For the fine precision powder abrasive the abrasive delivery system

have a built-in air treatment that promote the abrasive precision feeding. For coarser abrasive media (typical for AWJ cutting systems) bulk feed does not use the air treatment.

The following complementing bulk feed hoppers for the abrasive feeding system can be fitted in the machine:

  • Dual built-in pressure vessels (runs typically a full shift with FAW300 system):

Doubles the amount of abrasive media available in one batch and doubles the cutting time between filling up. – enables filling one vessel while using the other to maintain continuous cutting. – facilitates quick shifting between dual types of abrasive.

  • External pressure vessel for  AWJ systems (100 kg):

For use with coarser abrasive media (e.g. #120 mesh) used with AWJ cutting systems. As traditional AWJ requires higher flows of abrasive. – can be combined with fine abrasive

  • pressure vessel for shifting between dual types of abrasives.


Abrasive feeder


Pump options:

To run the Finecut WMC 500II it is important to have high pressure pump providing a stable and reliable pressure. We have chosen to work with Uhde High Pressure Technologies as our prime supplier of high pressure pumps. From experience we have found that their high quality products offer a very reliable hp water supply. From the Uhde product program we can provide pumps in any size at 4000 or 6000 bar depending on the requirements of the application.


Our standard system is optimized for maximum flexibility and use the Uhde HPS4022 that offers cutting at 4000 bar with the possibility to run traditional AWJ cutting head sizes. If your focus is on micro abrasive waterjet only the HPS4011 can be selected to get a favorable price. We offer service programs, but if you want to handle the pump maintenance by yourself we can offer additional equipment such as pump tools, mounting trolley and spare part kit.

Workholding solutions:

Work holding for micro abrasive waterjets are different from traditional waterjets, and a very important part of successful job. The rigid machine table of the Finecut WMC 500 II is made for precise work fixturing.

With precise guides in the machine, work holding can be accurately build for each application. It can be easily stored and fitted again for following orders. You can build your own fixtures or use commercial fixturing systems for the W-EDM as you wish.

We offer several different work holding solutions.

  • Flat aluminum pallet which is perfect when you create your own fixtures suitable for any application. It has guiding pin locations for accurately fitting and refitting it in the machine.
  • Flat aluminum pallet with adjustable stainless steel guides. This pallet offer higher precision and wear resistance for long time use of fixture. In case a location adjustment would be required the guides are bolted to the aluminum pallet and can be adjusted.
  • Wave grid holder is a multi-purpose work table solution. Use this to place and material and quickly cut a part from it. The wave grid uses exchangeable wave formed deep and thin slats that support the work piece. With wave formed slats the risk of cutting along a slat is minimized. As the slats wear they are exchanged for new ones.

Did not find a satisfactory work holding solution for your application? In discussion with the customer we continuously develop customary solutions for work holding. Together we find the solution that works!




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