User Interface – Finesoft™ Software & operators panel

Finesoft – New improved HMI design being launched:

We have developed our own HMI (Human Machine Interface) in order to be flexible in meeting our customers requests on customized solutions.


Advanced CNC function made easy

The Finecut Waterjet Machining Center is equipped one of the markets most advanced and reputable CNC system and yet it is easy to learn and simple to operate. This is made possible by our own intuitive human machine interface (HMI) software FinesoftTM . The functions in the Finecut operator’s panel with the Finecut HMI software based on many years experience of waterjet cutting.


Familiar interface for easy learning

This software presents information in your language and use graphics that you recognize from consumer electronics which make it easy to understand and remember. Only CNC functions relevant for the operation are presented to the operator in an intuitive and interactive manner. This gives the operator easy access to all the features you need without the requirement of prior CNC operator skills.


Modern design with safe action

The HMI uses a vertically mounted 19” multi-touch screen which allows for pointing, moving, zooming like you do on your smartphone. The display presents with dynamic software keys that guides the operator to the functions needed for operating the waterjet cutting system. For safety reasons, all buttons that actually sets off a motion or activates the jet are hardware buttons. This avoids any unintentional action. The machine panel features: cycle start, cycle stop, USB port, and emergency stop. Manual motion for set-up and positioning is effectuated by a classic machine tool hand-wheel. In automatic program “RUN” mode speed control and cut quality fine tuning can be made with the override control.


Capacity for customised solutions

Besides easy programming and machine setup of all the features the FANUC system offers the FinesoftTM HMI presents, on-machine programming support functions for part rotation, mirroring, multiple parts replications, cut table and zero-point handling, warnings and alarms the software offers help function and access to the instruction manual. Internet based online support is available through a support app at the “App” page. The App page facilitates software options for add-on systems and retrofit options. The Finesoft HMI includes a powerful computer with 120 GB SSD disk. With this it is possible to add your own windows-based programs for access through the Finesoft HMI (Excel applications, Reporting, etc).

Finesoft HMI


Key features new HMI

  • 19″ multi-touch screen
  • Intuitive easy-to-learn programming
  • Includes all required AWJ functions developed from years of cutting experience
  • Machine functions overveiw in functional windows Environment
  • Functions that require operator´s attention to the work area / cutting process are operated by tactile hardware buttons