Precision cutting in virtually all materials

Precision cutting with fine abrasive waterjets offers new benefits to your manufacturing. The Finecut Waterjet Machining Center equipped with a proprietary FAW process capable of cutting virtually all materials. Precision machine tool concept with state-of-the-art equipment allows for unique precision and cut quality.

With us you can enjoy the benefits of the “cold” cutting process that does not have the typical limitations of the thermal methods Wire EDM or laser.

We are able to cut with 3-, 4- or 5-axis with cut widths  down to 0.2 mm and tolerances down to ± 10 µm.

In our cutting center we can offer you the services of:

  • Demonstrating the capability of your parts with the Finecut system
  • Small or large serial production of components while you wait for your machine
  • Volume production of components as your demand is not enough for acquiring your own Finecut

Do you want to have parts cut?

Fill in your contact details in the form below and tell us what you want to cut. We need a DXF file and a drawing with tolerances in order to make a quote.

Work with us - how to proceed with contract cutting


Send RFQ

Send us DXF file of your geometry and drawing with critical measurements and tolerances. Provide information about volume and other critical parameters.



Finepart will send you a quote based on the information provided.


Purchase order

Send your purchase order to and we will confirm lead time for delivery. Send your material to our cutting center, address is found under contacts.



When required, we make a first cut of a component for you to verify that cut quality and measurements are ok.



After cutting, parts are ready to be picked up or sent to your destination.