Developing the Finecut


The inventors

Finecut™ is a trade mark within Finepart Sweden AB. The Finecut product was initially developed in a joint venture of international waterjet specialists; Dr Christian Öjmertz, Mr Jan Ryd and Mr Don Miller who were all active co-founders and active in R&D in the company. Today, founders Öjmertz and Miller remains in the Finepart R&D team.


Precision waterjet cutting has been developed through the last two decades starting with Mr Miller’s pioneering efforts in the micro abrasive waterjet that dates back to the 1990’s. Joining the founders’ backgrounds in applied R & D and business development led to a quick development of a unique new precision machine tool for markets that are essentially new to waterjets.


Take advante of the waterjet´s attractive attributes

The Finecut machine was developed from the conception that waterjet technology has a lot of untapped market potential. The abrasive waterjet has very attractive attributes in its ability for non-thermal machining in virtually all materials. With thermal influence being a problem for many advanced materials in high performance products, the benefits of abrasive waterjets are attractive also for precision work in fine mechanics, meso- and micro scale manufacturing in mechatronics, medical, aerospace, and many more applications.


Need of accurate machine tool

High precision parts require a very accurate machine tool. The conceptual design of the Finecut WMC500II is based on a machine tool design aimed to eliminate/minimize error sources in cutting process, motion, and fixturing. A compact encapsulated design was important to make it possible to use the machine in CNC machine shops along with other precision machines. We also wanted the Finecut to have an appearance of Scandinavian design reflecting its origin.

Flexible manufacturing

Finepart R&D team sees potential in flexible manufacturing where the micro abrasive waterjet can make many more operations than just 2D cutting. A very dynamic motion system and full encapsulated work area sets virtually no limits for how you can use the process. Drilling, cutting, milling and turning can be performed with different setup on the machine table. Rebounding jets will stay confined inside the machine.


We think that a vital part of developing effective advanced modern technology is that it must be simple to use. The machine should be a friendly assistant that easily obey the operator, and not a beast he has to master. With such a tool we think more operators will gain get potential to perform tasks that pushes the borders of what is considered possible. Software development focus on how to guide and help the operator to perform the challenging tasks the machine is made for. Simply:

We make precision easier.  


Finecut fundamentals

  • capable of producing precise parts of highest quality
  • flexible in performing advanced and multiple operations
  • self-contained, encapsulated and compact
  • safe and easy to use for anyone
  • once a customer – our partner in future development