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UML Europe AB was established in 2019 with two main focused business areas. One focusing on international trading and business consulting between Nordic countries and China. In this area UML is representing Finepart for the territories of China, Macao and Hong Kong. To increase the footprint a cooperation established with BPMT, Beijing Prospect Metals Trading Co., Ltd, as a subagent to promoting the Finecut machines. BPMT was founded in 2011 and its key business was international trading of bath material for Aluminum industry and agency businesses for high end machineries, mainly in metal industry.


UML Europe AB

Slåttervägen 5B, 756 46 Uppsala, Sweden

+46 (0)70 241 3364 and +86 1391 082 88 61

Beijing Prospect Metals Trading Co., Ltd.

Rm 7-1-B1A, Qingboyuan, Shijicheng, Haidian District, Beijing, 100097, China

+86 1360 121 26 84

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Darry Jia

Sales Manager

Darry Jia

+46 (0)70 241 3364

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Chris Li

Sales Manager

Chris Li

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