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Finecut 4X with option High Frequency spindle close up - close up


Precision with rotating work piece

  • 4 axes working synchronously
  • Cutting width down to 0.2 mm
  • Live fixturing for cutting part from different sides
  • Rotates workpiece synchronously with cutting
  • High inclination angles
  • Utilizes 5-axis control with tool center point function
  • All functionality of the Finecut WMC500II type 4X

See Finecut WMC 500II, type 4X

Cut parts with rotating axis

The A-axis can be fitted with a work table plate on which any work piece can be placed. With this mechanism the part can be re-oriented to provide access for cutting from different sides of the part. This motion system setup allows the jet nozzle to cut along a contour, following the part’s 3D curvature, moving all four axes in synchronuous motion.

The machine has a 5-axis controller with capability for tool center point programming. All these operations are easily programmed using the CAD/CAM software provided for the machine.

Finecut 4X cutting carbon fiber (bw)

Finecut WMC500II – 4X

Cutting system combining 3X cutting with rotating work piece

With our 4-axis motion system, the 3 axis cutting system is supplemented with a capability of turning the work piece synchronuously with the X-Y-Z motion of the tool. In the 4X machine a table-mounted A-axis is used to manipulate the work piece. The A-axis has a 360 degrees rotation capablity. The rotating axis may be fitted with a chuck and be used as a rotary axis, which enables cutting helical geometries, rotational symmetries and contours in rotational parts (tube cutting). The A-axis can be fitted with a work table plate on which any work piece can be placed.

This manipulation system has a detachable A-axis. The machine has an optional probe with a easy user interface, that helps to set up and true up the table-mounted A-axis quickly. This enables combining the full versatility of filling the 500×500 mm work envelope with parts one day with 3-axis precision cutting, and then the next day produce highly complex 3D-shaped parts. The A axis has one driven spindle and one support bearing. Both can be fitted with custom-made fixturing depending on the requirements of the machined part.


To produce narrow tolerance parts, the micro abrasive waterjet cutting system must also be accompanied by a very precise motion capability that accurately reproduces the programmed geometry. The Finecut machine have been designed to optimise the part precision to a new level.

1Dynamic, high precision motion system featuring linear motors and ultra-high resolution thermally stable positional feedback
2Cutting table mechanically attached to the motion equipment for ultimate precision
3Rigidly built machine tool frame
4Easy set-up of machine fixtures for a wide variety of different applications with optional solutions including live fixturing with synchronous motion.
5Software and operators panel developed especially for abrasive waterjet cutting.

Technical information

Finecut Waterjet Machining Center 500II type 4X

CNC Control:

Fanuc 31i-B5 and ALPHA Servo Drive with Nano Control

Motion system:

Linear motors and zero backlash reduction gears for precise motion

Absolute encoders:

Thermically stable Invar® linear encoders, 50 nm resolution

Motion Axis

  • Linear servo motor drive on X-Y axes motion
  • Precision ball screw servo drive on Z
  • Linear servo motor drive on X-Y axes motion
  • Precision ballscrew servo drive on Z
  • Max cutting speed: 20 m/min
  • Max traverse speed: 40 m/min
  • Acceleration: 0.5g (X, Y axes)
  • Positioning accuracy*: ± 2,5 µm
  • Repeatability*: ± 2 µm
  • Typical cutting tolerance ± 10 µm
  • According to ISO 230-2

Cutting System Option

  • Fine Abrasive Waterjet: 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm.
  • Abrasive Waterjet: 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm

Work Area

  • Cutting envelope (X, Y, Z): 500 mm x 500 mm x 80 mm
  • Fixturing area: 700 mm x 700 mm (max depth 700 mm)
  • Machine table size: 900 mm x 900 mm (W x D)
  • Back door allows for inserting work pieces

Extra features for 4X

  • Work envelope 500 x 500 mm for 3 axis cutting
  • Work envelope ca 370 x 200 mm between centers in A-axis fixure depending on fixturing
  • ±360º tilting capability on A axis, A axis can be removed when not required 
  • Possibility to set up safe zones to prevent tilting jet from damaging fixtures

The Finecut Human Machine Interface

Three types of cutting systems

Depending on material, part complexity and level of miniaturization, our precision cutting can be made with any of our cutting systems that are available in 3 different categories; micro/fine abrasive waterjet, conventional abrasive waterjet, pure waterjet. A range of sizes from 0.2 mm to 0.76 mm is available, whereas the larger jet facilitates a greater cutting power.

The Finepart technology can easily cut any shape and form
Finecut WMC500II with optional fixturing solutions

Flexible fixturing

3D part geometry can be cut with assisting additional servo axes that manipulates the part synchronously to the cutting motion in order to provide access for the cutting jet. A variety of innovative fixturing’s solutions can be adopted depending on the part requirements. It is also easy to make your own fixtures, using the machines palletized fixturing solutions. For repeat orders, this solution enables you to quickly set up and produce.

Advanced option portfolio

The Finecut can be equipped with several options like measuring probe, 5-axis cutting head, turning axis, drilling unit, vision system, and more. We also develop new options that serves the customer’s needs for efficient production. All options are retrofittable to existing machines.

Finepart's Finecut WMC500II can be equipped with a lot of different options. All options are retrofittable.

A precision machine for any workshop

The Finecut machine is a compact fully integrated high-precision waterjet machining center. It has a compact footprint so it is easy and convenient to place in your workshop. The fully encapsulated design keeps water and grit in the machine, so it can operate alongside your other CNC machines.

The cutting process is powered by an ultra high pressure pump. Compressed water is supplied from the pump to the Finecut machine through high-pressure hard tubing. If desired, the pump can be placed on a distance from the machine, in another room, or on another floor. Pump functionality including pressure settings are CNC controlled from the Finecut.


Discover our great precision

Tac Graphic 700x600

Higher cutting speeds through taper elimination without speed reduction

By adding 5 axis capability to adjust the approach angle of the jet, the taper in the cut can be compensated and speeds will not need to be reduced more than to meet an adequate surface quality. This means that cutting speeds may be increased up to 50%. This means a significantly higher throughput in the machine. Return of investment will correspondingly come with advantages in both quality and productivity.

CAM Software IGEMS 5x

Programming of 3D models are significantly more demanding than following 2D contours. However, the IGEMS 5X software makes this task easy. IGEMS 5X is available as an upgrade to the standard IGEMS CAD/CAM/AWJ software.

  • Make toolpaths from STEP or IGES files.
  • Analyses the geometry to optimise for waterjet cutting.
  • Automatic speed calculation depending on thickness and cutting parameters.
  • Automatic speed ramping depending on geometry.
  • Add bridges and tabs to fixate the part in the material.

Always with Finecut

Flexible fixturing for any application

several solutions for different applications and requirements

State Of The Art Machine components

latest technology for high dynamic capacity and accuracy

Additional functions offer practical solutions

great assisting tech for improved automation, setup and handling

High-end support systems from reliable partners

high pressure technologies for enhanced precision and control

User-friendly panel with Finesoft software

easy to use interface for software & operators panel

Retrofittable developments

always gain from the latest technology and innovations