Finecut B4X front(bw)

OPTION NO. 6003000

4-axis Rotary/Spindle (4th axis)

Cutting width down to 0.2 mm

4 axes working synchronously

Live fixturing for cutting part from different sides

Rotates workpiece synchronously with cutting

High inclination angles

Utilizes 5-axis control with tool center point function

All functionality of the Finecut WMC500II type 4X

This option utilizes the 31i-B5 control system to add the capability of 4-axis control of your current Finecut 3-axis waterjet. The upgrade makes your Finecut 3-axis waterjet machine equivalent to the Finecut 4 axis waterjet, type 4X. With this mechanism the part can be re-oriented to provide access for cutting from different sides of the part. This motion system setup allows the jet nozzle to cut along a contour, following the part’s 3D curvature, moving all four axes in synchronous motion. For example this can be used in tube cutting. The controller also supports spindle functions that can be used for cutting rotational symmetries.

To facilite the synchronuous motion of the four axes the controller’s 5-axis functionality with tool center point (TCP) programming is employed. All these operations are easily programmed using the CAD/CAM software provided with the waterjet machines.

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