Finecut 5x (ABX) - Option Probe (bw)

PRODUCT NO. 6003200

Finepart touch probe including software module

Accurately set your zero-point

Locate a hole or boss

Find an angle on a workpiece or towards machine axis

Locate an edge

When a cutting operation is performed as one in a sequence of machining operations, the cut path will need to be positioned within a part geometry. One way to assess the part position may be to measure its location.

The Finepart Touch Probe utilizes the Renishaw LP2DD probe and is useful when you need to position more complex parts for additional machining, and besides finding edges also require the ability of 3D measurements. In addition we have a software module incorporated into the Finesoft HMI which based on consumer electronics, the functions appear familiar and easy to understand and remember. It is all presented on a 19” multi-touch screen with interactive graphics in the Finecut machine.

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