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Finecut 4X with option High Frequency spindle close up

OPTION NO. 6000100

High frequency spindel unit for drilling and milling

Excellent solution for piercing in difficult materials

End mill up to diameter 4 mm

Spindle speed 5 000 – 60 000 rpm

200 Watt

For some machining operations a tool combination will increase the productivity of the waterjet machines and/or quality of the parts. For example, some materials are difficult to pierce through with the high-pressure waterjet, even if reduced starting pressure is applied. Such materials can be layered materials and composite material that may delaminate. A mechanical drilling tool is a proved solution to avoid this effect.

The high frequency unit is a 200 W electrical unit mounted at an offset to the side of the cutting head. Spindle speed 5 000 – 60 000 rpm. For up to diam. 4 mm end mill. The spindle unit is fitted with a 3 mm collet chuck unit as standard. The spindle can for example be used for carbon fiber reinforced plastic or aluminum.

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