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International companies with no country or regional presence have today difficulty to showcase their products, services and capabilities to identify new potential customers and also to increase their existing business. Business is all about people, culture, relationships and networking – this can be very challenging if done remotely given different time zones and proximity.

ABC Aerospace Business Center is established to support those companies in need of this support with office in Sweden to cover the Scandinavia region and in United Arab Emirates to cover the Middle East region.

ABC will support with introducing Finepart Sweden AB to the Middle East region and align a long-term strategy for a successful entering and align with local technical support and stock of spares to minimize the downturn and improve customer satisfaction. The main customer targets are Institutions, Universities, Lab & Research and High-Tech companies.




ABC-Aerospace Business Center 
Cluster-W, JLT, 21348 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Business Development Manager

Mahmoud Zarif

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Pierre Chamoun

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ABC Aerospace Business Center

Cluster-W, JLT 21348 Dubai United Arab Emirates