Finecut WMC 500II

Finecut™ Waterjet Machining Center

The Finecut™ WMC 500 II is a new generation of precision machine tool using waterjet technology. The 500 name comes from the work envelope size of 500 x 500 mm.  The machine has a conceptual design that differs from traditional waterjet cutting tables in order to optimize accuracy. In the Finecut™ machine the work is clamped to the machine work table being mechanically coupled to the motion system. The catcher tank used to dissipate the jet energy after cutting is separated from the work table structure in rubber suspension to minimize the influence of vibration.


The new Precision Machine Tool for your work shop

Finecut WMC500II Technical Information

Controller: FANUC 31i-B5

Absolute encoders: Thermically stable Invar® linear encoders, 50 nm resolution


Axes motion

  • Linear servo motor drive on X-Y
  • Precision ballscrew servo drive on Z
  • Max cutting speed: 20 m/min
  • Max traverse speed: 40 m/min
  • Acceleration: 0.5g (X, Y axes)
  • Positioning accuracy*: +/- 2,5 µm
  • Repeatability*: +/- 2 µm

*For measuring of accuracy we are following ISO230-2


Work area

Cutting envelope (XYZ): 500 mm x 500 mm x 80 mm

Fixturing area: 700 mm x 700 mm (max depth 700 mm)

Machine table size: 900 mm x 1200 mm (W x D).

Back door allows inserting longer work pieces.


Cutting system option

Fine Abrasive Waterjet: 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm

Abrasive Waterjet: 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm


Flexible Fixturing

Although, parts can be cut on a grid table like traditional waterjet machine, the typical working practice for cutting precision parts is more like that of the Wire EDM. Like all precision manufacturing the use of adequate fixturing methods is essential to obtaining parts of high accuracy. Finecut has several solutions for fixturing based on application and precision requirements.


State of the Art Machine Components

To obtain a competent machine tool the FinecutTM machine uses the latest technology. High dynamic capacity and accuracy is obtained through linear drive motors with absolute encoders using thermally stable invar scales at 50 nanometer resolution. The high end control system (FANUC 31iB5 with ALPHA-drive technology) features options like nanometer interpolation to produce smooth motion.


Additional functions offer practical solutions

The standard machine has a three axis control (X Y Z). A wide range of options are available, including 4th axis (A axis) with synchronous motion and spindle functions, and 5-axis manipulation of the cutting head. Further, a range of assisting technologies that improves automation, setup, inspection and handling come in form of options. Examples are fixturing and measuring systems.


High-end support systems from reliable partners

We have found pumps from Uhde High Pressure Technologies good for achieving the cutting results we want. The pump communicates with the Finecut machine and pump pressure is CNC controlled. For handling the precision feeding of abrasive we have developed a CNC controlled system for precision powders. The precision feeder is based on the proven swiss Allfi feeder rebuilt with Finepart upgrades for enhanced precision and control. Abrasive handling also includes system treatment that stabilizes abrasive flow over time.


User Interface – Finesoft™ Software & operators panel

We have developed our own user interface – Finesoft™.

Read more about Finesoft….

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Finepart commited to continuous pioneering development

Since introduction of the first openly sold micro abrasive waterjet machining center we have continued to implement pioneering methods in manufacturing, and re-invent waterjet machines, applications and technology. High-end components are used throughout the design to ensure performance in line with state-of-the-art and beyond.

The legacy of being pioneers in micro abrasive waterjet technology is manifested in a continuous improvement of the technology towards higher precision and greater complexity. In development of new options for the Finecut product Finepart invites customers to take part of the improvement process, and the Company has adopted a strategy where all new options are made so as they allow to be retrofitted to the Finecut WMC500 II model (type II starting 2013).


Hence, a Finecut customer will always be able to access the latest technology to stay ahead of competition.

More information

Finecut options

The Finecut system is the platform for an ever expanding set of business opportunities. We strive to design all new developments for being possible to retrofit on all machines dating from 2012 onwards. This means that our customers does not only buy a machine, they also become members of the Finepart Development Club and will have a product that can continue to develop new opportunities and grow with the needs of their Company.


Finepart Sweden AB expands its Product portfolio towards any product that applies to our motto "Making precision easier". Besides the ability of the Finecut to cut parts we also offer machines for to accomplish finishing in the finest detail.

Read more about abrasive waterjet cutting

Traditional waterjet cutting can cut down to 0,4 mm cut width and usually has a precision about 0,1 mm. Fine- and Micro abrasive waterjet technique uses similar technique but is scaled down to manage finer cut width with higher accuracy.

The Finecut system enables you to obtain precision parts with a relatively moderate effort compared to other methods. Machine programs are easily created in IGEMS CAD/CAM – leading waterjet software. The intuitive Finesoft Human-Machine-Interface make it easy to install and start up machining. The waterjet based process allows for machining virtually any material and the machine, made from high-end components ensures WYPIWYG (what you program is what you get).
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