Beyond cutting edge

Your world-leading provider of non-thermal precision cutting.
Enjoy Swedish ultra-accuracy for virtually all materials.

Beyond cutting edge

Your world-leading provider of non-thermal precision cutting.
Enjoy Swedish ultra-accuracy for virtually all materials.


100% focus on micro abrasive waterjet process

In Finepart Sweden we love the waterjet technology and micro abrasive waterjet in specific. We have a deep knowledge that we are eager to share. Learn more about the benefits of the technology, what is micro abrasive waterjet and a lot more…

Flexible micro abrasive waterjet machining centers for accurate cutting

Discover our new generation of micro waterjet precision machines, which cut cold with no heat effect, meaning no material distortions. The conceptual machine tool design minimizes vibration and has a flexible fixturing system that enables various type of production solutions. The Finecut WMC500II is built by state-of-the-art components, to provide capability for your ultimate precision cutting. The small footprint and encapsulated design make it suitable for any type of workshop environment alongside other CNC machines and other sensitive equipment.


Customer stories

"The Finecut System from Finepart has for the past 10-years supported us in producing quick prototypes for our NPI-process."

Laurent Ponsard-img
Laurent Ponsard

Responsible service prototype Industrial Engineering, Hager Electro SAS

"The Finecut equipment gave us advantages of minimal impact on material properties and a very high precision."

Börje Andermård-img
Börje Andermård

CEO, Brogren Industries AB

"The Finecut is a great complement to our existing W-EDM and widen our offering scope."

Mattias Håkansson-img
Mattias Håkansson

Managing director, LBY Tech AB

"For me as an inventor it is important to get parts with high precision and in some cases advanced materials to verify my prototypes/products."

Rikard Bergsten-img
Rikard Bergsten

Chief Innovating Officer, Tre Ess Innovation AB

”The Finecut machine has for several years demonstrated its unique precision when it comes to process Carbon fiber, which is our area of expertise."

Magnus Abelsson-img
Magnus Abelsson

Managing Director, Elitkomposit AB

"The Finecut process is a great when it comes to high precision, advanced materials and non-thermal effect."

Fredrik Claesson-img
Fredrik Claesson

Managing director, Gaston Components AB

”The Finecut equipment has proven to produce narrow cuts with extreme precision.”

Jan-Åke Wiman-img
Jan-Åke Wiman

Technical designer, University of Gothenburg

“We conducted trials, prior purchase, with some exceptional results. One part that as taking us 1.5 hours took just 8 minutes; it is a gamechanger,”

Peter Boneham-img
Peter Boneham

Managing Director, Boneham & Turner

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