Multistation SAS

Multistation, established in 1987 is an independent provider of disruptive and advanced consulting, services and devices for digital and additive manufacturing.  Its expertise covers numerous sectors across automotive, aerospace, railway, energy, medical, sub-contractor, academic, R&D, jewelry, dentistry, etc. These include small/medium enterprises and accounts such as Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Safran, Airbus, SNCF, Cartier in France, North Africa and many other countries across the world. Multistation’s collective intelligence is made up of application engineers, service technicians and back office experts, supported by an international sales and technical network.

Due to a permanent observation of the market, Multistation has built a community of partners of excellence, digital and additive machine manufacturers, software editors and engineering companies in the following fields. Finepart is one of these partners providing possibilities of cutting with high precision in virtually all materials and covering the territories France, Morocco, Tunis and Algeria.




Multistation SAS
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