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Assembly of Finecut


Installation & maintenance

Regarding installation, the Finecut machine requires a controlled environment to take full advantage of its precision capability. As for all machines, some maintenance must be performed to make sure the machine will run without unintentional stops and with great precision.

Finepart cutting services

In our center of excellence in Bollebygd, Sweden we can support you with manufacturing solutions, and in some cases also serial production while you are waiting for your own Finecut System, or while you build the volumes to support a purchase. With our competent technicians we are able to produce parts based on all types of systems, i.e. 3-, 4-, and the two different types of 5-axis. Whether you have a challenge in your own Finecut System or need help to produce parts we can support you. Do not wait to contact us!

The Finecut WMC500II can easily produce thousands of parts in one set-up

Do You Need Service or Spare Parts?

Do you need service of your Finecut, consumables or spare parts? Tell us what you need and we will get back to you shortly with a response.

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