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World premier! Finepart introduces a new level of complexity in precision cutting. Our latest development offers advanced 5 axis cutting. This novelty enables unique opportunities of non-thermal near net-shape machining in hard-to-machine materials.


We often get requests for cutting glass with chamfered edges. This can be solved by 5-axis functionality or as in this case with a high-frequency spindle. First we cut the contour and then we grind the chamfer edge. This is made in one set-up, were the HF spindle is attached at a fixed offset to the cutting head. This is a part of our extensive option program.


We are happy to announce Lasea as our new sales partner in Switzerland. Lasea is a well-known supplier in the watch & jewelry industry with an extensive customer network . Our micro abrasive technology will be a good complement to their femtosecond lasers, as we are serving different needs on the market.

We look forward to a successful cooperation!




Our technicians continues to push the limit for what is possible to cut with our Finecut machine. Today they cut a tube in 28 mm thick rubber, wall thickness only 1,6 mm! Rubber is a soft material that easily distorts by any instability in the jet dynamics. Extraordinary precision and a highly parallel jet stream is required to maintain constant wall thickness through the hole tube.


With our micro abrasive waterjet, we can make precision shims with complicated geometry with fine features of any shape. No material distortion by heat is limiting the feature size.  Picture shows steel with layer thickness of 0,05 mm.


Our Finecut machine has a 5 axis functionality as an option, which can be used both for taper compensation and angled cutting. Pictures shows a small turbine with twisted blades.


2 dl of water and 10 gram abrasive is what is consumed per minute with our smallest nozzle FAW200, only 200 µm in diameter. For high-precision non-thermal cutting.


2019-05-08 Engineering ceramics and abrasive waterjet = Bildresultat för grey heart

Highly engineered materials like Zirconia is hard to machine with conventional methods as it is hard, resistant to wear and brittle. Micro abrasive waterjet is one of the few machining methods that can cut Zirconia in hard condition to any shape. The picture shows a heart in zirconia cut with Finecut WMC500II.


2019-04-08 New order in!

We are happy to announce that we have just received our first order for a Finecut machine to Asia. Our Global journey continues!

2019-04-05 What is the benefit of non-thermal cutting?

The waterjet process does not generate any heat, this is an important advantage for the machining of advanced metal alloys. The material properties of these are often a result of  a material structure in combination with heat treatment. Micro abrasive waterjet does not use any heat for its material removal and will not change the material properties. That is why the process is suitable for cutting of sensitive alloys like Nitinol, aerospace grade Titanium, magnesium alloys and nickel-based alloys.

2019-03-20 Installation Santa Clara, USA!

First cut after installation at our agent at HS&S, Santa Clara, USA!


2019-03-12 Micro Abrasive waterjet – also for thicker materials!

Many people think that micro abrasive waterjet machines can cut only thinner materials but this is not correct! The Finecut WMC500II can be equipped with larger nozzle/orifice and as a result you get more cutting power, still with good control of the process. The picture shows 40 mm thick titanium (Ti6Al4V), the thinnest segment is only 0,1 mm wide – from top to bottom!

2018-11-08 World Drone Racing with help from Finepart! 

Congratulations to Oscar Nilsson who won the junior World Drone Racing Champion in China last weekend. Sweden conquered a second place in the team competition. We were happy to contribute to the success by making precision cutting of the carbon fiber composite parts in the drone.


2018-10-24 Finepart road-show

Finepart is now doing a preferential new share issue to finance investment on new and existing markets. This week we are on a road show, come and meet us in Stockholm, Göteborg or Lund or have a look afterwards on the recorded web cast. See links below (all in Swedish!).

You can also look at an interview with our CEO Lars Brodal


2018-09-05  MICRONORA Exhibition Besançon, France

We will exhibit at Micronora together with #Multistation! Come and talk about micro abrasive waterjet with us – you will find us in Hall C booth 426


2018-04-10 – MACH Exhibition Birmingham, UK

Come and visit us this week at MACH, hall 19 – stand 300!

2018-02-09 – Exhibition UK

The Finecut micro abrasive waterjet technology will be available for live demonstration at MACH2018 at the NEC, Birmingham, UK. You find us at the booth of Rainford Precision. Hope to see you there!

2018-02-09 – New Sales Agents

We are pleased to inform you that ”Machines & Methods” is now our sales agent in the north-west of USA and ”Multistation” who will cover  france, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Welcome to our team!