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Finepart develop and manufacture the exceptional precision cutting machine technology that enables cutting of highly complex parts in advanced materials used in the defense and aerospace industry.

Applications in the Aerospace & Defense Industries

The use of micro abrasive waterjet cutting in the aerospace and defense industry is the creation of precision parts for a variety of equipment components.

  • Aircraft engine components
  • Helicopter engine components
  • Firearm components
  • Armour (bullet proof plates, helmets)

Precision cutting of Parts with Exceptional tight tolerances

Manufacturers in the defense and aerospace industry rely on high strength to weight ratio material such as aluminum, titanium and advanced composite materials.

The Finepart precision cutting technology is the most accurate cold-cutting technology available today

The micro abrasive waterjet cold-cutting technology is the optimal technology for eliminating material distortion such as heat-affected-zones, burr and micro cracks, which is absolutely essential for parts integrity in the defense and aerospace sector.

Any Advanced material

Finepart machines are tried and tested on the most advanced materials. The Finepart advanced CAD/CAM software and machine operation software includes all advanced material data and automatically adjusts for required tolerances, positioning accuracy, automatic perfect alignment, and taper elimination to make precision cutting easy in any advanced material.

Metal alloys (titanium, aluminum, nitinol)

Composites (CFRP)

Plastic composites

Ceramics and brittle materials

Amorphous metals

Multi-layer materials

Fast Prototyping & Volume Production

Prototyping capabilities to mimic final parts tolerances and quality is essential for fast innovation. Finepart helps make fast and precise prototyping easy and cost effective.

Any Finepart machine can be converted from production set up to prototyping machine in minutes for increase iterations, shorter lead-time, and avoid the significant cost increase of a dedicated prototyping machine.

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