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IGEMS software

IGEMS – CAD/CAM Waterjet Software

All Finepart machines are delivered with custom IGEMS waterjet software, which is especially developed for Fincut precision cutting machinery. We are furthermore an official partner of IGEMS.

Works on a normal PC

The different waterjet options will allow you to draw parts, prepare parts for cutting, adjust cutting quality and cutting parameters, calculate time and cost of parts, get proposal for nesting etc.

IGEMS Licenses

Finepart helps define needed software licenses based on machine requirements.

User Licenses

Increase the amount of users that need access simultaneously

Service & Support

Required for software updates and support.

Options no. 8041000

Finecut CAD/CAM Software

We have a long relationship with Software company IGEMS that provides the waterjet CAD/CAM software specifically focused on the micro abrasive waterjet technology, which includes advanced cutting speed optimization to combine high quality cuts with cutting speeds.

Benefits The AWJ module:

Create drawings

Import 2D drawings and 3D models

Include data base of materials

Suggest cutting speeds adopted to material, thickness and quality requirements.​

Illustration of cut quality classes

Options no. 6008015

IGEMS guided 2D & 3D cutting​ using FineCamTM

With this option you can import 3D files into IGEMS and place toolpaths on the contour of the model. There are plenty of settings in a 3D software, and this software module has been made to be very easy to use, to give you a light and fast 3D software for applying toolpaths.​

The module includes functions for defining surfaces/edges, adding toolpaths and customize leads, collision control etc. Cutting paths between top and bottom are generated utilizing the 5 axis TCP functionality of the FANUC controller. ​

Using the 5-axis functionality for taper compensation only does not require the Finecut 5 axis FineCamTM

IGEMS 5 axis CAM – 2D and 3D cutting​ software

Data Exchange File Formats​

Import more file types. With our DataExchange module you can import several other file formats than the standard IGEMS formats. ​[Options no. 6008011]

Standard formats

.dxf, .dwg, .acd & .dig

Supported Formats

.wmf, .ps, .eps, .gen, .geo, .igs, .mec, .ord & .tag

NC reader

You can also import your NC code back into IGEMS with NC reader

Options no. 6008012

Nesting – Level 1 & Level 2​

Nest Level 1

The nest modules help you to arrange the layout of parts​ on a sheet in order to get as little waste material as possible.​ Nest 1 includes several semi-automatic nest strategies,​ including circle nest, rectangle nest & single nest.​

Nest Level 2

A fully automatic nest command. The nest modules help​ you to arrange the layout of parts on a sheet in order to get as little waste material as possible. This module is a must if you need to nest many different parts at the same time on a predefined area of any shape. Nest 2 cannot be​ bought without Nest 1.​

Micro waterjet nesting software

Other optional IGEM modules

Sign Maker​

Use fonts & images in your drawings.


Keep everything in one place.


Cutting & nesting for inlays & tiles.


Make custom tubes.

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