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Installation & Maintenance


We have our own certified installation team that will help get your Finepart system up and running efficiently, in a short period of time. You only need to provide power, water, drainage and compressed air.

Let us know your shop floor layout and water quality and we will send necessary high-pressure tubing, water treatment and mist extraction along with the machine delivery.

Our certified installation team will install the equipment and ensure that your staff is well acquainted with the Finecut system before we departure.


We are taking pride in delivering high precision micro products to our customers on a global market. We understand the requirements of precision and have made a comprehensive product manual where you easily can handle the routine maintenance by yourself. To ensure that you maintain “hassle-free” production, a high quality jet with optimum cutting result, we are stressing the importance of following the maintenance schedule with and take advantage of our, or our service partner’s, certified service technicians, using original spare parts and consumables. The recommended maintenance schedule includes a high-pressure pump service every 500 hours and for the Finecut machine every 1 500 hours.

To ensure a cost efficient service, Finepart can offer a service agreement which will give you benefits in the cost for the service. Furthermore, it will include updating your machine with the latest software, free support from our experienced staff and access to important documents and movies that are constantly developed.

When you buy a new Finecut machine, and sign a service agreement, this will also grant you the opportunity of buying an extend warranty based on an annual fee.

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