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We make premium machines for ultra precision manufacturing. The machines use micro abrasive waterjet for drilling, cutting, milling and turning.

Micro abrasive waterjet is a cold process that does not influence material properties. It can be used for virtually all materials and is especially suitable for advanced materials such as sensitive alloys, high-strength materials, ceramics and combined materials.


With our technology you can make narrow cutting of small complex geometries as well as fine features on large parts. Our loadstar is precision and the tolerance for cut part is 0.01 mm. The smallest radii is down to 0.1 mm and surface finishes down to 0.8 mm (Ra) can be achieved.


If you need a nice shiny surface, we can also offer a finishing solution based on magnetic polishing.

For who do we do it?


Our international customers represent a wide range of different businesses, active in:


  •  fine mechanics
  •  prototyping
  •  medical technology
  •  aerospace
  •  jewellery
  •  consumer goods
  •  research & development

…and much more


Our product, Finecut WMC500II, is encapsulated and compactly built, which allows placement in almost any type of workshop environment. The machines can be placed alongside other precision machines. Our customers range from small jobshops to large companies. Applications include any lot size from quickly producing single parts in any material to integrated in two-shift continuous production. For product development university researchers apply the machine for manufacturing and testing in new materials.

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Sales agent for Switzerland

We are happy to announce that we have contracted a sales resource for Switzerland, France, Italy and Austria. We welcome Jean Vuille into our team. If you want to get in contact with Jean you will find his mail address under ”contact us”.


Finepart and KTH cooperation


The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) use our technology with the five axis Finecut Waterjet Machining Center to make research on efficient and flexible manufacturing of gears.


The results from a Master thesis titled “Advanced hybrid manufacturing process for high precision ring of a planetary gear” by Mr Bogdan Gotia and Jorge Mucino showed that the AWJ machine together with the CAM software and machine controller presents high potential of producing ISO quality standard gears. Certain quality characteristics defined in DIN and ISO standards, for instance surface roughness – values as low as Ra 0.8 µm, are possible to achieve accurately by using abrasive waterjet machining. Others quality features as profile deviation, are related to parameters as cutting power, feed rate, abrasive feed rate, etc. The displayed values ranged Q10 and Q11 according to DIN3967 which allows for use of further finishing operations such as grinding.


In a discussion Munos and Gotia conclude that abrasive waterjet machining has several advantages over conventional machining methods. Important enfaces should be made into the friendliness of abrasive waterjet machining to the environment, since no toxic residues are produce like the lubricants that are necessary to manufacture with hobbing for instance.



Finecut Waterjet Machining Center (WMC) is a new type of machine tool for cold precision machining, which allows the manufacture of small products in advanced materials


We offer a solution for finishing and polishing in our Finespin machine. Finespin means a non-abrasive polishing method with the ability to process very complex geometries with hard to reach surfaces.

Finecut Options

The Finecut system is the platform for an ever expanding set of business opportunities. We strive to design all new developments for being possible to retrofit on all machines dating from 2012 onwards.

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