Why Finepart

Manufacturing efficiency can be greatly improved by implenenting technologies that we are used to from our daily use of consumer products. Operating Finecut products would benefit from your experience to the intuitive solutions you find in your smartphone and other modern products that you use every day. You will find yourself up and running in a few hours making unique precision parts.
Christian Öjmertz, CEO and founder of Finepart Sweden AB


Distribution and agents

Finepart Sweden products are sold through our agents or distributors. Our distributors has a profound training on our products. We strive to have local service and maintenance teams that can assist promptly.

Financial options

Need to find a solution to finance your investment? We have a toolbox for providing financing for Finecut / Finepart equipment. With our partners we can design financing terms that are flexible and suitable for your business - ranging from 12 to 60 months.


Your machine’s health is our priority. We strive to have trained staff that can assist you whenever you need support. To optimise your machine’s uptime and performance we offer service programs that are tailor-made to your needs. By preventive maintenance we can together plan the best timing for exchanging wear parts to please you, your machine and your customers.


Finepart Sweden