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Finepart multi machine setup

Multi Machine Systems

The Finepart multi machine systems enables a set up of multiple Finecut machines for the purpose of efficient volume production and redundancy.

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Multi-machine setup​

With multi-machine setup Finepart support manufacturers setup the required production capacity and necessary equipment for efficient production.

Example of multi-machine setup​ of 6 Finepart micro waterjet machines:

Redundancy setup for 3 shift production​

Dual pressure lines for low pressure piercing​

Abrasive removal system​

Water recirculation system​

Automation projects typically involve a local third party of customer’s choice.

Finepart multi-machine set up of 6 Finecut precision cutting machines

Options No. 6007200

Low-pressure piercing utility for multiple machines setup

For Finecut installations where several micro waterjet machines are used, and the application requires low pressure piercing, Finepart offer a solution utilizing a dual line input. ​

This option requires a minimum of two high-pressure pumps to be used for the two supply lines, supplying high-pressure water with individual pressure settings.​

Low-pressure piercing utility for multiple machines setup

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