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Finepart water recycling options

Water Re-circulation Systems

The optional Finepart closed loop water re-circulation systems filters and cleans the overflow water from the catcher tank, and feeds it back to the high-pressure pump.

The options include dedicated re-cycling systems for our US and European customers and fits any of our Finecut micro waterjet machines.

Options No. 6002620 ​[Europe]

Water re-circulation unit

MBM Water Re-circulation Unit

The water re-circulation unit has the capacity to filter the water to a quality that satisfies the requirements of to high-pressure pump.

​This system needs to be combined with an Finepart abrasive removal system.​

MBM Water Re-circulation Unit

Options No. 6002750 ​[united states]

Water re-circulation system

EBBCO Water re-circulation system

Closed loop water re-circulation systems will capture the overflow water from the catcher tank and clean it to an extent that allows it to be used for feed water into the high-pressure pump.

The EBBCO filter system utilizes two settling weirs for pre-filtering. The water is led through a three-stages of filtering before entering a stainless steel holding tank with UV light to prevent bacteria growth.​

From the holding tank water can be pumped to the waterjet intensifier pump using a booster pump.​

Finepart water recycling options

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