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feed water treatment systems

Feed Water Treatment​ Systems

Controlling the water quality for the high-pressure pumps​ is critical for precision cutting. The Finepart feed water treatment systems prevents rust and ensures the water quality is stabilized and prevents minerals from solidifying under pressure in the intensifier pump.

Options No. 6003500 ​

Water Treatment System

EkOWA water Treatment System stabilize the feed water quality to eliminate minerals solidifying under pressure


Quantity: 200 to 400 mg/l

Stabilization of silicates​

Stabilization of hardness and ph-value

No outfall of silicate crystals​

No limescale (Mg, Ca, Na, Cl-mud)​

Optimized corrosion protection

feed water treatment systems

Options No. 6003600 ​

Rust inhibitor ​

For application specifically sensitive to corrosion due to long period contact to water, for example advanced fixturing devices, a rust inhibitor can be added to the water.​

This system includes an accurate dosing unit and meters the rust inhibitor into the catcher tank at every instance the water jet is running, to keep a constant concentration.​

Rust inhibitor

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