Finepart | Exhibition | Finepart World Tour Webinar 8th of April

Finepart World Tour Webinar 8th of April

Finecut – Beyond cutting edge!

Micro abrasive waterjet is the ideal tool for high accuracy cutting of advanced materials. Virtually all materials can be cut non-thermally and when using 5-axis functionality, speed and efficiency can be significantly improved. Learn more about the possibilities in this webinar including:

– What is micro abrasive waterjet?
– Finecut machine configurations
– Applications and references
– How to work with the Finecut machine
– How to increase speed and efficiency with Finecut ABX

First stop, suitable for Asia, 10.00 (GMT+1)
Second stop, suitable for Europe, 14.00 (GMT+1)
Third stop, suitable for Americas, 18.00 (GMT+1)

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