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Out and about in the UK

Finally we are back on the road with the chance of once again meeting potential and present customers. This week Christian, our CTO and “father” of the Finecut System, is visiting the UK and supporting our representative Arthur from Rainford Precision.

Boneham and Turner
When visiting one of our latest installations in the UK, Christian was the first Finepart person that actually visited the site. This installation was the first remotely installed installation which was confirmed being a success.

The Boneham and Turner team are very happy with the Finecut System and utilize it in a great way. Peter Boneham, Managing Directors says: “We investigated the most efficient options and selected an ultra-high precision micro abrasive waterjet supplied by Finepart, a Swedish specialist.”

Peter continues: “With waterjet we have improved the process efficiency and are annihilating some jobs, down from 4 hours to around 20 minutes. It is an expensive machine, using the finest possible grit and high precision nozzles, but the time savings are colossal.”

The rest of the week Christian and Arthur continue the trip in the UK and visit interesting prospects.