Finepart | Hardware | Hybrid cutting available for the Finecut System

Hybrid cutting available for the Finecut System

The Finecut System is an high precision waterjet cutting tool. Here you can cut parts non thermally in virtually all materials. It can easily be equipped with a high frequency spindle to become a hybrid machine. This will enable you to pre-drill holes to avoid delamination in difficult materials. This can be very handy, when for example cutting carbon fiber or other sensitive materials. 

In the movie you can see the Finecut 3-axis demonstrating the pre-drilling operation before doing the actual micro waterjet process. The result will be nice and precise cuts with excellent cutting surface.

If you have a part that needs a smaller milling operation or drill holes down to 0.1 mm, the Finecut can also handle this in the same set-up. All Finecut micro waterjet machines can be retrofitted with any of the Finecut options, so if you already have a Finecut, you can easily install the HP spindle. Do you want to know more how it can help you improve your production? Contact us to see how we can help you.