Finepart | Cutting example

Cut 22 mm thick glass

Finepart is the world-leading provider of non-thermal precision cutting for virtually all materials. Here is an example where we cut 22 mm thick glass with the Finecut WMC 500II. Want to know more? Contact us …

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Small part precision

Do you need high precision?

Have you ever thought of trying micro abrasive waterjet? Our technology can easily cut any shape; small holes, thin segments or narrow slots – in all materials! The process is non-thermal and you get no …

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Delicate precision fixturing

Delicate precision

The picture shows a typical delicate precision part produced by the Finecut WMC500II machine from Finepart Sweden AB. The part has a diameter of 80 mm and sections that are 0.2 mm wide with a …

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