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Make precision cutting easier with a measuring probe

Why using a measuring probe?

If you are working with precision, you know that it is sometimes tricky, but yet crucial, to find the correct positioning. When locating a part on the machine table or when changing fixtures in your machine it can be costly if you do not find the right position. If you are doing manual measuring and adjustments, it is time consuming and if location is not correct you might need to scrap your parts.  A measuring probe is the solution!

What can the probe do?

We want our customers to increase productivity and reduce scrap cost and that is why we have equipped our Finecut WMC500II with a measuring touch probe from Renishaw. It comes with software integrated in our Finecut Human Machine Interface (HMI) and is easy to use. The software automatically guides you through different measuring routines, eg:

– locate a hole or boss

– find an angle on a workpiece, and an angle towards machine axis

– locate an edge

This is valuable to help you find the position and rotation angle of your part or fixture so you can adopt your cutting path correctly. Moreover, for our 4-axis configuration and our 5-axis B4X the table mounted A-axis is removable to enable cutting over the full work area. By a measuring routine you can re-align it for 5-axis cutting after reassembly. As all options for the Finecut WMC500II the touch probe is retrofittable and can easily be installed in your current machine.

How to use the measuring probe?

The movie shows a calibration cycle of the touch probe mounted in Finecut WMC500II. It also shows a glimt of the guided calibration cycle on the HMI. After calibration and measuring the stylus is easily detached and the mounting point is covered with a cap. You are now ready to start your precision cutting at the right location!

Technical data

– Measuring accuracy ± 2μm

– Repeatability ± 2μm

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about waterjet high precision cutting with a non-thermal process? Send a mail to or read more on our website If you want to learn more about probe systems, have a look at Renishaw website.