Finepart | Case | CASE: CUTTING NYLON, 17 MM


Cutting 17 mm thick Nylon

Finepart was challenged to produce a component in 17 mm Nylon. Due to the application and design, no taper was allowed on the finished part as the structure limits the possibilities of improving the surfaces in a post-process.

Part data




Cutting length



17 mm

60 mm x 60 mm

849 mm

Straight cutting edges

Finecut FAW300

Erosion based cutting with 0.3 mm cutting width. No heat impact. Not limited to cutting only electrically conductive materials.

Cutting of material attached to the worktable. Piercing of holes is done automatically during start for each contour. Cutting speed adjusted to eliminate cut taper at edges.

Preparation time15 minutes
Cutting time per component14.5 minutes
Cost for individual component3.63 EUR

Cutting speed

Max175 mm/min
Min60 mm/min (the latter is for corners and small radius)
Cutting time (per piece)11 min 30 sec, piercing: 2 min 10 sec

Surface quality requires no further finishing.

IGEMS CADCAM for Nylon 472

The Finecut advantages

Great surface finish

No post-processing required

Piercing of start holes

No pre-process


Cuts virtually all materials

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